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General dentistry treatments are the best way to ensure your dental health. At Viva-Dental Clinic we make certain that you receive the high quality care you deserve from your dentist by offering affordable private dental care from caring professionalsFrom regular check-ups to simple dental procedures such as filling and crowns , all aspects of general dentistry are provided at Viva-Dental Clinic - where we tailor your dental treatments to suit your own unique dental needs.We make sure you have access to brand new techniques and up to date modern technology by providing qualified dentists for all of your general dentistry needs.
Fillings before and after contrastRoot canal therapy of postoperative X-ray view
Zheng Baochun: d chief dental implants/cosmetic dental experts/special researcher at the medical university in Tokyo, JapanQi lily: master of sun yat-sen universityLu Jianli: general practitioners
Periodontal disease is a common oral diseases, is one of the main cause of adult tooth loss, also harm human teeth and body health main oral diseases.But in the past people mistakenly believe that only the elderly will be plagued by periodontal disease, in fact, from the age of five, periodontal disease began to "corrosion" our health.The definition of periodontal diseasePeriodontal disease (periodontal diseases) is to point to in tooth support organization (periodontal tissue) diseases, including only affects the gum tissue gum disease (gingival diseases) and spread deep periodontal tissue (the periodontal ligament, alveolar bone, cementum) of periodontitis (periodontitis) two kinds big.Why have to periodontal diseasePeriodontal disease is a multifactor disease, its etiology is ...
Root canal treatment for teeth, dental pulp, a treatment process of root lesions.Root canal treatment is by eliminating necrosis of root canal material, proper disinfection, filling, root canal to grubbing tube contents of root tip surrounding tissues of the bad stimulation, prevent periapical lesions or promote healing of periapical lesions of a treatment.Root canal treatment indications:First, any reason (including dental caries, cracked, crown fold, deformity of the central peak, excessive abrasion, periodontal disease retrograde infection, accidental wear pulp) cause pulpitis and pulp necrosis can’t keep living pulp.Second, any reason (including the continued development of pulpitis, mummy plasticizing treatment failure, periodontitis retrograde infection) caused by root lesions.Third,...
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