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Does what is orthodontic treatment?"Orthodontic treatment" as the name implies is to correct root in the jaw position.Will have the problem of tooth arrangement cases such as dentition crowding, gap, protruding canine tooth column, upper and lower dentition outside before suddenly and violently, protruding upper and lower jaw, jaw teeth bite wrong...Using orthodontic appliances such as improving, make patient’s overall appearance and the function has ideal occlusal stability.The following animation demo before and after orthodontic treatment for different angles Does this processWithout braces invisible orthodontic technology, is the modern computer aided three dimensional diagnosis, rapid prototyping technology and new material product of perfect combination.Experts through...
Orthodontics is a specialist branch of dentistry concerning the development and management of irregularities and abnormalities of the teeth and jaws. Its aim is to produce a healthy, functioning bite, creating higher resistance to disease processes and improving your personal appearance. This contributes to both your mental and physical well being.
Dr. Gao: orthodontic/chief physician Dr Orthodontic professional with 20 years of clinical experience, accumulated successful orthodontic children and adults tongue form bad thousands of cases.Kang Yunlong: American BAYLOR College Dentistry research assistant, university of Hong Kong ages, a senior scholarOral gp YanChaoYang: master of medicine, doctor, main orthodontics
Does before orthodontic treatment need to be preparedCan be divided into two aspects, psychological and physical.Psychological, should make sure of the motivation of treatment they want, such as teeth, buck teeth, not too become warped lips and chin is too sudden, etc.), communicate with your doctor before deciding whether to accept treatment.After the decision to accept treatment, psychological preparation to accept a short period, such as beautiful problem, eating habits, etc.And physical, will all keep teeth, the fill to fill do a root canal to do root canal treatment, the teeth teeth to do is do more durable temporary braces.Otherwise the orthotics, treatment is not easy.Does the best time to orthodontic treatment"Early diagnosis, timely treatment.Early to find a trusted physician...
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